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July 2024 | Theme: Cybersecurity

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The cybersecurity industry is at a critical juncture as the rapid progress of AI technologies presents new opportunities and challenges, and is expected to face a tumultuous period over the next two to three years as it adapts to this evolving landscape.

As organizations grapple with the implications of generative AI on their security frameworks, cybersecurity budgets are expanding to counter sophisticated AI-driven threats. GlobalData forecasts that the cybersecurity market will be worth $290 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 13%.

In our next issue, we dive deep into cybersecurity and explore everything business leaders need to know about the evolving threat landscape, geopolitical and macroeconomic impacts, market drivers such as M&A, and the technological advances helping organisations across different sectors to protect their business, supply chains and critical assets.


Contributing Editors | Stu Robarts, Manasi Vaidya, Catherine Longworth, Jackie Park, Ed Pearcey, Richard Thomas, David Leggett, Laura Husband, Dean Best, Mohamed Dabo, Douglas Blakey

Graphic Designers | Anett Arc, Noemi Balint, Will Ingham, Miriam Garofalo

Publisher | Susanne Hauner


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