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3 August 2023

How did the banking & payments industry treat robotics in Q2 2023 filings? 

The global banking & payments industry experienced a 64% drop in company filings mentions of robotics in Q2 2023 compared with the previous quarter, with the highest share accounted for by CITIC with 33% year-on-year decrease, according to GlobalData’s analysis of over 75 banking & payments company filings. GlobalData’s Robotics in Banking – Thematic Intelligence market report provides a detailed understanding on how Robotics impacts the value chain in the Banking & Payments sector, and the leading Robotics adopters and vendors in the market.   

Notably, robotics was one of the most frequently referenced themes in Q2 2023, ranking highest in terms of mentions, ahead of niche tourism and cloud, according to GlobalData. 

Of the top leading companies in the banking & payments industry, CITIC had the greatest increase in references for robotics in Q2 2023, compared with the previous quarter. GlobalData identified eight robotics-related sentences in the company's filings - 0.2% of all sentences - and an increase of 100% in Q2 2023 compared with Q2 2022. Bank of Ireland Group’s mentions of robotics rose by 100% to 1.